Bank Instruments

Bank Instruments is a common expression for different types of instruments used for different financial solutions and purposes, issued by Banks through Bank Instrument Providers.

We work with a  number of world top ranking banks.  When it comes to Letter’s of Credit (DLC’s LC’s and SBLC’s, we have more than 200 banks on our list. Each instrument and how they work is described on a separate page.

We offer the following types of instruments;

Bank Guarantees – Stand By Letter of Credits

BG’s/SBLC’s owned

BG’s /SBLC’s leased

Contract note StampLetter of Credit



SBLC’s for Goods

Term Notes



Sale of LTN’s

Most of these instruments can be provided as owned or leased, recourse or non-recourse, depending on the purpose they are going to serve.  LTN’s is difficult at the moment.

Application Procedure

In order for you to get started please download the EC CIS for Bank Instruments, complete and send to

We will follow up sending you our EC NSNC NDA. With that in place we have done our KYC and we will send you our Service Agreement for Bank Instruments.

By then we have a Pre-approval for your request in place, and we will send you the final application for you to sign and return to us. Then we will get you the LOI/MOU.

The whole process should take between 15 to 25 days after the first payment is made.

NB! Changes may occur without warning!

We offer Monetization of several Bank Instruments offering high LTV¨s and None-Recourse solutions. For more information please go the the Monetization Page.