“Any informed Borrower is Simply less Vulnerable to Fraud and Abuse” – Alan Greenspan!

Mr. Alan Greenspan

Funding is to provide resources, usually in form of money (Financing), or other values such as effort or time (sweat equity), for a project, a person, a business or any other private or public institutions.

When a request for funding is made then fundraising is being attempted. Funds can be allocated for either short, mid or long-term purposes.

On our pages concerning funding, you can find information of different ways of funding, “How We do it” and detailed information on the different funding programs on offer. The main chapter is the one detailing the EC 3Step Funding Program.

What We Do !

In Economic Consultants we specialize in delivering a complete  financial package. How a package is put together depends on what you are looking for, the industry you are in and the status of your company.

We have two main avenues:

  • Traditional Debt and  or Equity or a balanced combination of both elements.
  • Utilizing Bank Instruments to secure collateral for credit lines or monetization with a non-recourse program

Please go to the page The EC Funding Programmes for more information and and how to file an application.

If you think  Instruments, like BG’s SBLC’s and LC’s and DLC’s will be right for you, just click on the link to Bank Instruments and choose from there.

We work directly with Governmental bodies like Innovation Norway

Ship Funding

and UK Trade & Investment and we know which banks and brokers that specialise in your particular industry.

As an example the figure on the right is showing how a ship financing package is put together.

We have an international network of brokers and investors enabling us to serve companies all over the globe.


How to get Started?

Just download from our website (click on the picture ) or write to us to get the EC CIS for General Funding purposes. Complete the CIS and send it to us with your Company Presentation or Executive Summary and we will have feedback for you  within two to three days!

If looking for a Bank Instrument or Monetization, please complete and file the EC CIS especially prepared for those purposes.

For more information go to The EC Funding Programs.