Long Term Note Monetization (LTN)

Complete Non-Recourse Monetization of Long Term Notes,

(Letra do Tesouro Nacional / National Treasury Notes of Brazil)

Series M, R or Z that are on Euroclear.

Instrument & Service Description

This LTN settlement process is fast, transparent and uses the Free Euroclear Delivery process so Clients DO NOT incur any SWIFTING FEES or Delays. Euroclear is a well-established European financial transaction settlement network that was founded in 1968 by JP Morgan and continues to operate successfully employing over 3,500 people today.

EuroclearThis Monetization service is ideal for clients looking to Discount, Monetize, or create an immediate non-recourse loan against a Brazilian LTN Bond or Note that they own because this monetization method is the cleanest, fastest and cheapest way to do it!

The Monetization process allows the client to retain ownership of their LTN while at the same time creating a Non-Recourse Loan against the LTN each year.

Monetization LTV

25% to 35% Non-Recourse

Estimated Completion Time

  • 7 to 14 Days after all documents are signed and verified or 3 Days After Instrument Euroclear Delivery.

Closing Process

  1. After execution of the monetization contract by both parties the Client will instruct his bank to assign the LTN using FREE Euroclear Delivery to the bank coordinates provided by the Monetizer.
  2. The Clients Banker shall immediately email a certified Euroclear execution receipt of the LTN delivery to the Monetizer.
  3. Upon receipt and confirmation of the Euroclear assignment and delivery, the Monetizer will within maximum three (3) banking days grant a Non-Recourse Loan for the LTV as agreed from its nominated bank to the Client.
  4. The Monetizer agrees to return the LTN unencumbered fifteen (15) calendar days before the 1 year anniversary of the signed contract between the parties.


  • The LTN is listed on Euroclear with a Value of Maturity: $80,000,000,000 Real (Brazils Currency)
  • The LTN is Monetized Non Recourse at 35% LTV being: $28,000,000,000 Real (Brazils Currency)
  • The Client is paid the USD equivalent of $28,000,000,000 Real (Brazils Currency)

Critical Compliance Criteria

  • Accepted Criteria: The LTN MUST be on Euroclear
  • Rejected Criteria: Any LTN NOT on Euroclear

 Client Standards

EC requires clients meet key standards and pass compliance for us to consider working with them. We do not accept all clients because doing business with EC is a unique Privilege given solely to real, genuine, authentic clients, not a Right that is attainable by all.


We solely deal with real deals, real people and real Long Term Notes (LTN’s) that need to be delivered to our clients nominated bank account. The Bank SWIFT Network is the Gold Standard that validates all aspects of this transaction and provides a respected industry platform where a safe settlement can be facilitated. Close your successful Long Term Notes (LTN’s ) transaction with EC today.

Application Procedure

In order for you to get started please download the EC CIS for Monetising Bank Instruments, complete and send to info@economic-consultants.com.

We will follow up sending you our EC NSNC NDA.

With that in place we have done our KYC and we will send you our EC Service Agreement for Monetizing Bank Instruments.

By then we have a Pre-approval for your request in place and we will send you the final application for you to sign and return to us.

Then we will get you the LOI/MOU. The whole process should take between five to ten days after the first payment is made.

NB! Changes may occur without warning!

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We offer monetisation from top-rated banks. LTV normally 80%. Standard Swift B to B procedure MT760. Payment within 5 days after acceptance of Instrument. Fast processing! For more information see the Non-recourse Monetisation page!

Trading Programs – PPP’s

We offer a range of Private Placement Programs (PPP). Our providers are all licensed. For all Tier One programs, Money remain in clients own bank account with full control.

We have a Mini Cap program starting at 100K USD minimum, with great returns in only 100 days.

Tier One Spot trades from 100M and upwards.
Buy/sell Program available now. 100 M (min) returning 11 Billion in 3 months.

Small Cap minimum 10M entry, 6 Weeks Bullet paying 775M.
Also Blocked funds and adm. hold with strong returns.

We accepts Sovereign Guarantees (SG's) from African Banks. Can be monetised and used for trade/PPP participation.

For more information write to info@economic-consultants.com.

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