EC 3Steps Service Program for Commodity Trade


At Economic Consultants we have been working for more than 30 years helping companies and individuals with funding, investments and all sorts of financial assistance. We have a global network with Partners in more than 20 countries, enabling us to find support for companies in all sectors.
In order for our clients to enable themselves to get into a position where they actually can present their project or company, get attention and achieve what they are looking for, we have established the EC 3 Steps  Program for Commodity Trade.

Commodities tree

Our different funding programs are meant to fit all companies, also listed ones. Trading Commodities is one of the sectors where we will be able to help out. When both parties have agreed to the scope we will enter into an agreement, the EC  Service Program for Commodity Trade, determining the steps and details for how we together shall achieve the goal set forth.

Commodity Trade

We offer to assist in trading any kind of commodity. However some commodities at certain times can be difficult to handle and a mutual understanding of the marketplace at any given time is essential. Below is listed the most common commodities but feel free to make enquires for any commodity interesting.

  • Buy/Sell D2
  • Buy/Sell Gasoline
  • Buy/Sell Jet Fuel
  • Buy/Sell Mazut
  • Buy/Sell Ultra-Low-Sulphur Diesel (ULSD)
  • Buy/Sell Gold
  • Buy/Sell Silver
  • Buy/Sell Any Other Commodity

Instruments consists of different options, depending on what the client is looking for, amount of the funding/investment and risk.

bank guarantee chart

Amounts and Volumes

We can depending on provider, work with amounts/equivalent volumes from US$ 1M to 5B.

Our service

Through our Partners we provide a professional, transparent and bespoke service to our buyer and seller partners in the commodities sector. Our service is tailored to suit your specific circumstances and business needs.

We specialise in crude oil and refined fuels, particularly gas-oil, diesel, jet fuels and fuel oil (M100 Mazut) and Gold Bullion. You can depend on our professional experience to find the right solution for you – confidently, quickly and without complication. A brief look at our services;

Buyer Facilitation

We work with our panel of international buyers to assist them in sourcing RWA sellers who can supply the commodities they need, particularly diesel, fuel oils, gasoil, jet fuel, crude oil and gold bullion. Many are end users, some are resellers or traders. All are ready, willing and able; all are experienced. All of our buyers know what it takes to close a deal.

Seller Facilitation

As with our panel of buyers, we work tirelessly to source credible, ready, willing and able buyers who know exactly what they are looking for, have the means and knowledge to purchase and have closed deals. We filter, vet, verify and carry out extensive due diligence on buyers that we introduce to our sellers, so that our panel of sellers can transact with confidence.

Due Diligence

We have access to and utilise the most sophisticated and reliable due diligence resources available in the market and rigorously screen every partner that we work with before engaging on a project. Our reputation is only as strong as our last introduction and we value our reputation highly.

Whichever side we work with, buyer or seller, we represent the best interests of the deal.


We can only accept direct access to the client. That does not mean that you can work with an intermediate or partner, only that we will need direct access to the client and the client provides and complete the paperwork.

Agree on Program

The first step in the process is to agree on what volume and amount to be looking for. Having determined that we will agree on a time schedule, which again will be depending on how well prepared the client is, and how fast he will be able to run the KYC and EC CIS process. The whole process can be finished within seven days after the agreements have been signed off. However difficult markets may take much longer.


The process is pretty straight forward and will work smoothly if you follow our guidance.

EC Customer Information Sheet (CIS)

You start by completing The EC CIS for Commodity Trade and return it to us with the documents requested attached to the CIS. We do the KYC and if positive we move on to the next step.


We will issue and send you our NDA for you to sign and return to us.

Program Agreement

We will then send you the EC Service Agreement for Commodity Trade. The agreement contains all details that have been agreed and regulates the terms and conditions for the transaction(s) ahead of us. With that in place we are ready to move to the next step.

Starting Point

We must make sure that we are good to go with the POF (proof of funds) in place to back up the deal.

Cost and Fees

We will always look at any request presented to us for free. After having done the initial KYC with a positive result, we will the way forward. All travel and accommodation cost will be paid by the client when and if necessary, for example product inspections.

EC Starting Fee

We are charging a starting fee. This is to cover the time we spend doing KYC and organising all documents needed to be positioned to participate. The fee is minimum GB£ 5,000.

EC Success Fees

We will charge a success fee based on the amount invested all according to industry standards.

Payment Terms

Starting Fees and Travel Cost will be invoiced and paid up front. The success fee will be calculated and invoiced when the trader publishes the returns and it is payable on the same day the client completes the deal.

Cost of Purchase

For qualified clients we can also provide funding. Please ask for quotes. In general prices varies and the fact is that we need to get an offer in place for each individual request.

How to get Started?

Just download from our website or write to us on to get the EC CIS for Commodity Trade, complete the CIS and send it to us. We will have feedback for you normally within 48 hours!


If you are interested in knowing more about products and procedures, please have a look at EC Commodities Info 2016 or Contact us.