Scammers & Fraudsters

Over the years we have been more and more exposed to Scammers of all kinds. Worst is the BG/SBLC Industry where we have exposed a number of scammers and fraudsters. Unfortunately very little is done about it so we have decided to expose those taken red handed on this page.

General Consulting Switzerland GmbH
Auenstrasse 13,
8500 Frauenfeld

Dan Lattenberg

Tel: +41415880471
Fax: +41415608806

He and his partners stole several hundred thousand

Fund Alliance Limited

Wang Jinhai, CEO
Fund Alliance Limited
Investment & Financial Expert
Phone: +852 5808 7201
Fax: +852 3010 2111
Whatsapp: +1 857 308 8946
He and his partners stole several hundred thousand


We offer monetisation from top-rated banks. LTV normally 80%. Standard Swift B to B procedure MT760. Payment within 5 days after acceptance of Instrument. Fast processing! For more information see the Non-recourse Monetisation page!

Trading Programs – PPP’s

We offer a range of Private Placement Programs (PPP). Our providers are all licensed. For all Tier One programs, Money remain in clients own bank account with full control.

We have a Mini Cap program starting at 100K USD minimum, with great returns in only 100 days.

Tier One Spot trades from 100M and upwards.
Buy/sell Program available now. 100 M (min) returning 11 Billion in 3 months.

Small Cap minimum 10M entry, 6 Weeks Bullet paying 775M.
Also Blocked funds and adm. hold with strong returns.

We accepts Sovereign Guarantees (SG's) from African Banks. Can be monetised and used for trade/PPP participation.

For more information write to

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