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Welcome to our EC Associate Page. It contains information about our three different forms of Association; Agent, Introducer and Partner.

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Our Associates come in many different shapes and forms. They can be other companies running as Law firms, Auditors or Book keepers or individuals running as a Partnership or just as one Private Consultant. But common to all is that it is a person representing the entity in the Agreement with EC.

Background and education from the industry is almost always a must to be successful in this business.

Facts about EC
Below is the most important details and information listed.

Name and Registration Number
Economic Consultants Ltd. UK Reg. No. 108 306 75.

Registered Office Address; c/o LEXeFISCAL, 2nd Floor Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BD UK.

Professional Indemnity
Professional Indemnity Insurance, Policy Number BD63579-022016 at Markel (UK) Ltd.

Executive Chairman
Mr. Lars Johan Myrtroen
Mobile Phone; +44 74782 55976
Mr. Marius Alexander Myrtroen
Mobile Phone; +34 625 082 555

EC Contact Details
Phone HQ; +44 (0)02080922011.

Our Vision

“We intend to provide our customers with the best funding and investment offers available at any-time and anywhere in the world. With on-line guidance, with a smart, searchable website, easy-to-follow instructions, and one of our Partners close to you for fast, quality delivery of our services.”

Our Mission
“Our mission is to provide each of our clients with the most effective ethical representation possible, in negotiating viable funding and investment solutions!

What we do!
We do Traditional Funding often in an untraditional manner. Scandinavian tailored Bond Issues is one of our specialities. Then we do M&A’s and Due Diligence. We have specialized Trading Platforms and we can provide Bank Instruments and Monetisation. To see the complete list of products, please check out our web site. Most products are listed in the Associate Agreement as well.

Our Group is organised as a limited company with an HQ in London and Associates all over the world. We have three different types of Associates; Agent, Introducer and Partner. The most common is Agent. The main differences are as follows;

The Agent delivers potential clients with little demand from our side as to follow up and completing the deals. The Agent makes sure that his/her client has read the information provided for each product in question and makes sure the client delivers a signed copy of the EC CIS together with a company presentation or executive summary. Commission on our success fees is 10%. Joining fee is EUR 5,000.00 – lifetime.

The Introducer has experience from the industry, delivers potential clients, follows up and arrange meetings and keep in touch with the client. Up to 20% of the Start-up fee can be added for the Introducer. Commission on our success fees; 25%. Joining fee is EUR 10,000.00 – lifetime.

To become a Partner you must have education and solid and adequate experience from the financial industry. The Partner delivers potential clients and are able to start and complete a project with minor assistance from HQ. Commission on our success fee is 50%. A part of the agreed retainer per the amount of work put in can be agreed. Joining fee is EUR 15,000.00 – lifetime.

Application Process
To start the process becoming an Associate we need to have your CV and some information of what you are doing today. Good references are always welcome. Based on your education, experience and background we will assess how you best fit in and offer you a position within the three categories in place.

If you are happy to continue the process based on our offer we will issue two sets of NDA’s between us, the EC Mutual and the EC NSNC.

With the NDA’s in place you will receive all relevant information from us and when you bring in the first client we will issue and sign the Associate Agreement between us.

Associate Agreement
The Agreement sets out in detail Terms & Conditions between the Parties and a sample will be made available to the candidate.

We do hope this is of interest to you and if you are ready to move please send information to

EC Associate Program 2023

Last update; January 25th 2023