March News Letter – Now Available!

Why Sweden continues to be a Winner!

In this, especially for Europe and the Middle East, troubled times, Sweden stands out as a country to look out for and learn from.

With no oil, revenues like neighbouring Norway it still manages to have growth.  If looking into the Achilles heel of Norway, which is transport policy, the Swedes are building many times more kilometres highway and they do it without collecting big tolls on the population.  They have a modern government that allows for long term planning with funding for 12 years programs.

Anders Borg Swedish Finance Ministre

In comparison, the most populated area outside the capital in Norway, they have spent over 30 years in planning to build a 150 km motorway that will be finished in 2017 with a toll cost of 20 to 30 GPB to pass.  Incompetent Social Democrats still clinging on to one year budgets and detailed regulations totally unable to see the big picture, always comes up with the same excuse – topography, but you need not go further than Austria and Switzerland to understand and call their bluff.

The North Korean Atom bomb Programme.

The North Koreans are continuing their pathetic show, threatening the US and Japan to bomb them.  Together with China and Europe, they react with implementing more restrictions, which at the end of the day is only hurting the helpless starving population.  Strange to see how the West is unable to see the big cry for help from the North Korean leaders.  Their biggest fare is that the West will be coming to take them, throw them out, so perhaps it could be possible to say that they will be allowed to stay, and stay safe if they start to change.

The One Year 12% Interest Investment Offer!

We offer our Clients Investment Opportunities of different categories.  This is one of the more risk free and can be compared with a bank deposit.  This is the first offer of its kind and we are working hard to be able to offer similar Investments in the time to come.  Our Client invests the equivalent of GB£ 46,000 minimum, which is placed into a Lloyds TSB Escrow facility in the UK.    The account is protected and insured by a Law firm, who are in control of the funds, which can only be drawn upon after Bank and Solicitor confirmation of documents proving the project holder has in fact completed the stages determined in the investment plan.

Preferred Loan by Commitment

We have different programs tailored to different needs.  The PLC program offers funding from medium to long term with favourable interest rates.  Clients can apply for loans from US$ 50 to 150 Million.

The Private Placement Program

Our PPP program is similar to the PLC program.  Terms & Conditions will vary from project to project, but favourable compared to most programs.  Here clients can apply for loans from US$ 200 Million and upwards.  For more information just contact us.

Currency & Interest Rates

The Norwegian Stock Exchange showed a strong growth in January going from 417 to 435.  We thought it would be stopping there, and although quite volatile, the trend is still upwards.  The US$ made a significant climb, something our FX expert had predicted, so nice profits to those following our advice.

GB£/NOK went from 9.02 in the start of January to 8.55, wonderful and foreseeable for traders who have done very well in January.  The fall will continue with volatile and difficult positions, so for the brave ones with long positions, money to be made.

In Denmark the Top 20 index have had the same trend as in Norway starting out at 520 and less volatile with a strong upward trend towards 580 which might very well be a turning point.  The DKK is stable trading in the same corridor and anticipated to be there for the next month.

The Swedish exchange also started to wake up at the end of the month.  It managed to climb another 20 points in February.  The SEK has strengthened its position towards the Euro, Dollar, GBP and NOK.  They keep on impressing us.

EUR/USD is currently trading at around 1.35.  The recent upward trend is unlikely to hold so back to 1.34 levels is more likely.  After falling over the Financial Clif we see an interesting change and levels around 1.30.  The US being the leader in many sectors still seem to be unable to establish a modern fiscal system.  Launching a very expensive and most needed health reform is fine, but to do that you need financial backing.  President Obama seems to admire European Social democratic solutions and just see where that has taken Europe.

The British FT100 has also had a nice upward trend the last month.  Still letting the Pound fall seems to improve exports and encourage shareowners.  It will be very interesting to see where we are when we have the Q1 figures.

The Far East seem to be tackling well in spite of Europe’s far from solved problems. The shift in China did not send any new signals, which is sad for the Chinese people and for the world, but it keeps the financial world stable.

But we see some troubling clouds piling up in the horizon.  Some of Japans industrial locomotives are struggling with deficits of enormous figures.  In South Korea major banks have stopped lending.  Therefore, the impact of the European crisis is starting to be more and more visible.

Net Trading

Information and markets in 20+ countries now available. Make the EC page your own homepage and have access to updated rates in all major markets. All major Indices, Stocks, Commodities, or Currency rates are there and with a click you can see the latest development or study historic data.  Go to “Net Trading, Live Rates”, pick the country and language of your choice and get started.

Latest New Tech

Targus is an American computer accessory company located in 1211 North Miller Street, in Anaheim, California (  My attention to the company was brought to me by a young Norwegian Military IT expert who provided me with The Targus Dual Fan Chill Mat™ for my HP constantly overheating laptop.

The Targus Dual Fan Chill Mat™ lets you move seamlessly from desk to lap so you can work comfortably anywhere.

It supports laptops up to 15.6” and features dual fans to help keep you and your laptop cool, along with open edges to allow for optimal airflow.  For added stability, L-shaped rubber stops keep your laptop in place, ensuring that your laptop will not shift when you are using it on your lap or at your desk.  And keep yourself neat – the cable wraps around the outer edge to keep clutter to a minimum.  Lightweight and slim, the Dual Fan Chill Mat can be easily slipped into a bag for easy transport and makes it easy to carry whether travelling for work, school or pleasure.  Functionality; Dual fans to help keep you and your laptop cool; Works on lap and desk; L-shaped rubber tabs keep laptop in place; Open edges allow for optimal airflow; Cable wraps around outer edge.  With a reasonable price tag this is something worth having for all laptop users.

 LJ Myrtroen

Senior Partner & Founder

Lars Johan Myrtroen, has 40 years experience in international financing and runs his operations from London, England. He established M-broking in the early 80′s and running Stavanger Bank in the Eastern part of Norway. Euro Export Invest AS was established in Oslo in 1998 owning four IT and security companies, with KSD as the leading company holding offices throughout Europe and he has been participating in several start-ups in the US, Philippines, Norway and the UK, among others British Armouring Manufacturing Inc, and Birdstep Technology ASA (Public, Norway). Also major investor in “Norges Energi AS“. He has experience from the bio-metric industry, serving as chairman of BioPrint AS, Norway, and adviser to and Director in GenKey Inc, San Francisco. Acting today as Executive Chairman in EC Capital Management Ltd, trading as Economic Consultants. He enjoys golf and started Grenland Golf Club in Skien Norway in 1980 and served as a Board Member in the Norwegian Golf Association for 4 years.

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