Our Lender specializes in Share Financing, which is also known as a Stock Loan.  The Lender has been funding loans in Europe, North America, and the Middle East and in Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Australia etc.) arena since 2000.


Additionally, we service most global markets with the exception of countries that have currency controls (Venezuela, South Africa etc.) in place.

Our speciality is to provide funding and capital on listed companies when;

  •      Traditional or Margin Financing is limited,
  •      For situations where confidentially and privacy are required,
  •      Estate Planning Programs
  •      General Asset Protection.

As private Lenders we provide the Borrower with a level of confidentiality and flexibility, which most banks and traditional institutional lenders are unable to provide.  We work closely with the Borrower and their representatives to structure a customized loan for each Borrower.  Once we identify the borrowers specific needs,  privacy, estate planning, asset protection, restructuring of current margin loans, short term financing needs etc., we will create an appropriate loan structure.

Loans terms are based on evaluation of the risk and future performance associated with the securities to be pledge as collateral.  The term of the loan is typically three years, with interest payments on quarterly or semi-annual bases.
Our stock loans are interest only and non-recourse, the borrower has the option of simply walking away at anytime with no further liability.  In the event of a loan default the Lender does not report to any credit bureaus or governmental agencies, nor file any public notice.  There is no adverse consequence to the borrower’s credit.
US$ 50K should be the minimum average trading volume per day.

There are no hidden costs such as application fees, appraisal fees, or any other upfront costs. We are charging 1% on granted loans.

Loans can close in 5-10 days depending on the speed at which the borrower processes the paperwork.  With a swift information transfer we can produce the Term Sheet within 24 hours.

Currently interest rates range from 4% – 12% depending on the liquidity and risk involved and are generally paid quarterly or semi-annually, however other payment options are available.

If you need more information please check out “Stock based Loans” under Funding on our website or send us an Application.

Lars Johan Myrtroen, has 40 years experience in international financing and runs his operations from London, England. He established M-broking in the early 80′s and running Stavanger Bank in the Eastern part of Norway. Euro Export Invest AS was established in Oslo in 1998 owning four IT and security companies, with KSD as the leading company holding offices throughout Europe and he has been participating in several start-ups in the US, Philippines, Norway and the UK, among others British Armouring Manufacturing Inc, and Birdstep Technology ASA (Public, Norway). Also major investor in “Norges Energi AS“. He has experience from the bio-metric industry, serving as chairman of BioPrint AS, Norway, and adviser to and Director in GenKey Inc, San Francisco. Acting today as Executive Chairman in EC Capital Management Ltd, trading as Economic Consultants. He enjoys golf and started Grenland Golf Club in Skien Norway in 1980 and served as a Board Member in the Norwegian Golf Association for 4 years.

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