Trading Currency

The fact that Currency can be useful in making money has been known for a very long time. However historically it has been different and for many years even as late as the 60’s and 70’s in schoolbooks you could read as an example that 1.00 US$ = NOK 7.15 or that 1.00 GB£ = NOK 20.00. The same was the case most all over the world. But slowly people started to realize that the value reflected in a country’s currency not was something static. It will vary over time and show the value at any time reflected in the country’s ability to create growth and value, GDP.

By utilizing the difference in value over time it is possible to make money or reduce debts. By foreseeing how the currency between one or more countries will develop you can take a position in one currency and then change it back when you have seen a profit. For how long you shall wait and at what percentage you should take profit it will be up to you to decide.

Currency Rates

Below we have listed the development between NOK and GB£ over the last 10 years and over the last 12 months. It is easy to see how much money you could have made by playing this market, both on a long and short term. Will this continue? Well it depends of course on several factors, but in many ways boils down to the fact weather one believes that the GB£ will regain its strength or not, or will it continue loosing ground against the NOK? You can naturally make the same assumptions towards any other currency and play those markets.

Historically GB£ to NOK  = 20.00

October 2010 – October 2011

Month Rate
October 2011 8,9020
September 2011 8,8614
August 2011 8,8841
July 2011 8,7976
June 2011 8,8202
Mai 2011 8,9218
April 2011 8,8448
March 2011 9,0358
February 2011 9,2407
January 2011 9,2320
December 2010 9,3231
November 2010 9,5280
October 2010 9,2556

Year 1998 – 2010

Year Rate
2010 9,3402
2009 9,8052
2008 10,3304
2007 11,7237
2006 11,8141
2005 11,7111
2004 12,3401
2003 11,5670
2002 11,9461
2001 12,9414
2000 13,3129
1999 12,6252
1998 12,5007

Source; Norges bank – Bank of Norway

Exchange rate, Pound Sterling (GBP)

NOK per 1 GBP

Spot rates against Norwegian kroner, annual average of daily rates.
January 1999 -: Annual average of daily rates at 2.15 pm.
May 1996 – December 1998: Annual average of daily rates at 9.30 am.
September 1991 – April 1996: Annual average of daily rates at 11.30 am.
January 1981 – August 1991: Annual average of daily rates on Oslo Stock Exchange at 11.30 am.
Before 1981: Annual rates.


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