Risks in Letters of Credit

Although letters of credit are a balanced payment method in terms of risk issues for both exporters and importers, each letters of credit party bears some amount of risk. As we have explained before letters of credit transactions are handled by banks. This responsibility makes the banks one of the parties that bears risks in a letter of credit transaction.

Risks in letters of credit can be discussed under four groups; general risks in letters of credit, risks to the applicant, risks to the beneficiary and risks to the banks.

General Risks in Letters of Credit

Country Risk mostly called Political Risk

The first risk factor that can be mentioned in the general risks group is the country risk or the political risk. Let us assume that we are an exporter located in a country X and we have a customer from the country Y. Our customer, which is from the country Y, opened a L/C in favor of us. We have checked the L/C conditions and they seem workable. We have produced and shipped the order as per the L/C and transmit the required documents to the issuing bank before the expiry date.

The issuing bank found our presentation complying and informed us that they will be honouring our payment claim at the maturity date. However, before the maturity date due Country Y has changed its export regime, which makes it impossible for the issuing bank to honour our presentation. This illustration is a good example of a country risks. Other examples of country risks are mass riots, civil war, boycott, sovereign risk and transfer risk.

Fraud Risk

As we have described before all conditions stated in a letter of credit must be connected to a document, otherwise banks will disregard such a condition. In addition, banks deal with only documents but not goods, services or performance to which the documents may relate. This feature of the letters of credit is the source of the fraud risk at the same time. As an example, a beneficiary of a certain letter of credit transaction can prepare fake documents, which looks complying on their face, to make the presentation to the issuing bank. As the documents are complying on their face, the issuing bank may honor the presentation and in this case, the applicant must pay to the issuing bank for the goods it will never be receiving. Beneficiaries of L/Cs bear also fraud risks. This happens if an applicant issues a counterfeit letter of credit. In this case, the beneficiary never receives its payment for the goods it has shipped.

Risks to the Applicant

In a letter of credit transaction, main risk factors for the applicants are non-delivery, goods received with inferior quality, exchange rate risk and the issuing bank’s bankruptcy risk.

Risks to the Beneficiary

In a letter of credit transaction, main risk factors for the beneficiaries are unable to comply with letter of credit conditions, counterfeit L/C, issuing bank’s failure risk and issuing bank’s country risk.

Risks to the Banks

Every bank in a L/C transaction bears risks more or less. The risk amount increases as responsibility of the bank increases.

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