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The EC December Newsletter – Now Available!

The Syrian crisis worse than ever!

We will be leaving 2013 as we entered with a nasty and horrible war going on in Syria.  As usual women and children are the big victims.  How can a whole world be sitting passive and allow this to happen?  A very weak leadership in the UN has sat the organisation on the sideline. And obvious to everyone, that is exactly what the Russians, Chinese and Americans like to see.  The bill now for immediate help is close to 6 Billon USD – and guess who will be paying?  It is painful to watch how the Western world allows the Russians and the Chinese bully us. And why does the US allow it? – Well who else should pick up the bill but the Chinese? The world’s leading nation continues to spend far more than they make and will keep on doing so until we have a change of leadership. True but very sad news for all those suffering in Syria – they should prepare for another terrible year for their many innocent people.

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