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EC Press Relase 5, 2013 – Zbigniew Idziakowski joins EC, heading Poland!

Zbigniew Idziakowski (46) joins EC, heading Poland.

London, UK – April 22nd, 2013 – EC strengthens its position in Eastern Europe.

Zbigniew Idziakowski

Poland, despite the ups and downs of other economies in EU, still provides stable development to all investment projects. Polish entrepreneurs combine knowledge, experience and critical approach to many projects thanks to the fact that they can guarantee that their investment efforts will bring profit and development. As with many cases the EU funding and local banks are not always the best sources for funds. That is why EC will provide Polish economy with alternative sources of funding. “As Poland still have not reached the peak of development as a result of insufficient funding sources I think it is essential to provide Polish businesses with alternative and reliable sources of funds for the development of many interesting and innovative products and services” says Zbigniew Idziakowski. EC approach and conceptual active development of financial instruments and funds can facilitate unlimited numbers of viable projects. “We are proud to have achieved an agreement with Mr. Idziakowski,” says Mr. LJ Myrtroen, Founder of EC, in London, UK. “We have spent many years developing our foothold in the region and are happy to see an international, highly experienced consultant like Mr. Idziakowski take the lead.” We run our operations from Warsaw. London will remain as HQ.”

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