Managed Bank Guarantee Program

The Complete Managed Bank Guarantee Program

Managed Bank Guarantee Program (MBG)

Managed Bank Guarantee Program (MBG) incorporating the Deposit Refund Protection Program (DRP)

The Managed Bank Guarantee Program is completed in TWO Stages. First, we secure your deposit by utilizing the DRP and then we continue the program until we have reached the target as shown below. You will find a full description of the DRP on our website or ask us and we will send it to you.

Deposit Refund Protection Program

When the Deposit funds are received in escrow, and the funds are confirmed clean and from Non-Criminal origins, the funds are placed into the Deposit Refund Protection Programs Asset Management account.

We Protect the Clients Capital 100% by placing a Block on the funds prohibiting the funds from being withdrawn from the account and ensuring they remain safely deposited for the client until the client is fully repaid.

The Deposit Refund Protection Program uses a Proprietary Investment System to generate returns while the Clients Deposit is Blocked and 100% Capital Protected in the Asset Management Account. In addition, there is a 1 year insurance policy that is issued by a European insurer that guarantees and insures the client’s funds.


The Program is a Non-Recourse solution (nothing to be repaid after completion of program).

Deposit                                : 250,000, 350,000 or 500,000 US$/Euros€

Gros Profits                        : 3, 15 and 40 Million US$/Euros€

Completion Time              : The Agreement with the provider is for 6 months.

Stage 1                                  : is the completion of the Deposit Refund Protection Program. (DRP)

Stage 2                                  : is the completion of the Managed Bank Guarantee Program. (MBG)

The power of the Deposit Refund Protection Program is that it enables the client to complete the Managed Bank Guarantee Program with zero of their own money invested! That is why we make completion of the Deposit Refund Protection Program Mandatory for all clients that enter the Managed Bank Guarantee Program.

Managed Bank Guarantee Program

In the Managed Bank Guarantee Program, we structure, oversee and coordinates the Purchase of a Bank Guarantee and the Issuing of that Bank Guarantee to be funded Non-Recourse for the client. This entire process is done seamlessly using our Proprietary Managed Bank Guarantee Funding System. The clients Deposit $/€500K (Deposit returns 40M) covers all Managed Bank Guarantee Program costs except for Broker/Consultant commissions (maximum 2%) and the Paymaster costs (Maximum 1%), which are deducted from the final amount clients are paid at the conclusion of the program.

Full disclosure of all parties, bank accounts and company details and signatories is provided in the agreements each client receives AFTER clients have submitted their completed EC CIS for Managed Bank Guarantees, and Managed Bank Guarantee Program Application Form to Economic Consultants and AFTER our Compliance Department has vetted and approved the client’s application.

Program Advantages

  • Program operated with Bank Guarantees from – Top 100 World Banks
  • Funding is completed with a Top World Bank
  • Straight Pre-Negotiated Bank Guarantee Buy / Sell
  • Full Non-Recourse Funding Available
  • No Interest Charged, No Equity Percentage Required, No Security Needed
  • No Personal or Corporate Credit Checks
  • No Project Documentation Required
  • Program Contract provided within 72 Hours of our Compliance Departments Approval
  • Managed Bank Guarantee Program Length is up to 180 Days.

The Deposit Refund Protection Program makes the Following Payments

Sample for 500K investment;

Payment 1

90 banking days after CLIENT Initial Invested Funds are received & cleared.

  • €500,000 EURO (Five Hundred Thousand EURO). Paid to CLIENT and is the Return of CLIENT original investment Deposit.

Payment 2

90 banking days after CLIENT Initial Invested Funds are received & cleared.

  • €350,000 EURO (Three Hundred & Fifty Thousand EURO). Which is the Deposit used to Fund the Managed BG/SBLC Program.

Additional Program Payment

Payment 3

A Recurring Monthly Payment of €50,000 EURO (Fifty Thousand EURO) is paid to CLIENT after Payment 2 is completed and before Payment 4 is completed. This provides the client with additional monthly income should there be a delay issuing or monetizing the BG/SBLC for any reason. Recurring monthly payments cease on completion of Payment 4 below.

Managed BG/SBLC Program

Payment 4

15 Days after the Receiving Bank Confirms Receipt of the BG/SBLC

  • €10,000,000 EURO (Ten Million EURO). Paid to CLIENT.

Payment 5

25 Days after the Receiving Bank Confirms Receipt of the BG/SBLC

  • €15,000,000 EURO (Fifteen Million EURO). Paid to CLIENT.

Payment 6

35 Days after the Receiving Bank Confirms Receipt of the BG/SBLC

  • €15,000,000 EURO (Fifteen Million EURO). Paid to CLIENT.

Program Completion.

Upon CLIENT receiving repayment in full of all funds as defined in the Distribution of Payment clause in the Program agreement, the Parties acknowledge that the Managed BG/SBLC Program has been completed.

Complete Client Safety & Risk Minimization

The Deposit Refund Protection Program followed by the Managed Bank Guarantee Program offers a powerful duo of complete client protection.

  • Client Deposits are 100% Capital Protected, there is Zero Risk and No Way Clients can Lose Funds.
  • The Managed Bank Guarantee Program has a Guarantee that all Clients funds will be protected and returned and includes a hefty 10% Penalty for Non-Performance.
  • Clients do not pay 1 cent anywhere until ALL Parties have sighted and signed BOTH the Deposit Protection Program agreement and the Managed Bank Guarantee Program Agreements.
  • The Managed Bank Guarantee Program is completed using a highly-recognized commercial financial instrument called a “Bank Guarantee” that is issued and cash backed by a World Top 100 Bank. The transaction therefore uses a real asset with a real value to create a real result.
  • We have pre-negotiated and pre-structured the terms of buy and sell price of the Bank Guarantee BEFORE we buy it; this completely minimizes the risk because the transaction is pre-structured and pre-agreed with a buyer for the Bank Guarantee BEFORE the Bank Guarantee is even purchased.
  • The Bank Guarantee delivery and settlement process is a bank-to-bank transaction, which is completed on the Bank SWIFT Network. It is therefore very secure and several detailed bank procedures need to be followed which protects all parties.
  • Bank Guarantees, BG/SBLCs and other financial instruments have been operating in the banking industry for a very long time and are well known and recognized.
  • The service providers in the Managed Bank Guarantee Program make their money from completed deals not from client deposits which are a fraction of the profits from a completed deal.
  • The Managed Bank Guarantee Program does NOT involve, currency trading fluctuations or the stock market movements.

Why the Deposit is Essential

ALL Clients who wish to participate in this program MUST make a $/€ 500K Deposit.

No Deposit, No Program Participation!

The Deposit is required for four Reasons:

  • The Top 100 World Bank will NOT issue a Bank Guarantee unless they have an assurance that when they complete delivery of the Bank Guarantee to the funder that they will be promptly paid for creating and delivering the Bank Guarantee.
  • ALMOST ALL banks now require Clients to make a good faith payment at the start of a Bank Guarantee transaction. Too many Banks have been burned with failed Bank Guarantee transactions by clients who have refused to show any capacity to be able to:
  1. Either make a good faith payment, or
  2. Settle a legitimate Bank Guarantee transaction.
  • The high rate of failed Bank Guarantee transactions from clients who have not invested any money in the settlement of their own Bank Guarantee transactions has lead most Banks and Bank Guarantee Issuers to now require good faith payments BEFORE a Bank Guarantee is Issued by a bank.
  • If clients could get $70 Million or $200 Million Dollar Bank Guarantees issued without contributing a single dollar, every homeless person on the planet would be doing it! There must be a common-sense barrier to prohibit that sort of foolishness and misuse. Obtaining a Bank Guarantee without providing any kind of Deposit is a Fairy Tale.

There has been a high level of fraud with Proof of Funds, Bank Statements. Our view is if a client cannot transfer €/$500K in to a 100% Capital Protected account (after all program documents are signed by the client and the service providers) when they “claim” to have funds to buy a $200 Million Dollar Bank Guarantee, then they probably are not real and we should not be doing business with them.

Costs and Fees

We are charging a start-up, access and compliance fee of 15,000$/€.

dollars 7.500$/€ to be paid on signing the EC Service Agreement for Managed Bank Guarantee Programs and the rest upon receiving the Deposit Refund Protection Agreement and Managed Bank Guarantee Program Agreements.

No Agreements – no 2nd payment

A success fee of 5% will be invoiced for each payment made to the client.

 Below are the Steps Required to complete the Managed Bank Guarantee Program Enrolment Process.

Step 1:

Download or ask us to send you our EC CIS for Trading Platforms

  1. Complete the form, tick sign and return to us in PDF format.
  2. If no problem with the application, we will send you the EC NSNC NDA
  3. Sign and return to us in PDF format
  4. We will send you our EC Service Agreement, containing the T’s & C’s as presented in the EC 3Steps Program for Trading platforms
  5. Sign and return to us in PDF format
  6. Pay the EC Start-up and Compliance fee

Step 2:

Managed Bank Guarantee Program Enrolment Form

  1. We complete the Enrolment Form for you
  2. You sign and return it to us
  3. Final KYC and approval

Step 3:

Issuing Agreements

We will send you the Deposit Refund Protection Agreement and Managed Bank Guarantee Program Agreement – both integrated in one agreement. In addition, you will get the Corporate Guarantee issued to you or your company.

Step 4:

All Agreements Signed by All Parties

  1. All parties sign and execute all the necessary documents. The Offer is valid for 6 days whereupon the Agreements must be signed and returned.

Step 5:


The Client receives immediately after having returned the Agreements invoices to pay the deposit of $500K Wired within 24 Hours.

  • Payment 1 – Program Deposit Payment

Wire $450,000 DOLLARS (Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand DOLLARS)

  • Payment 2 – Program Establishment Fee

Wire $50,000 DOLLARS (Fifty Thousand DOLLARS)

The Client will promptly provide us with a copy of the completed wire receipts confirming the payments of the Initial Invested Funds have been completed.

Step 6:

Deposit Refund Protection Program

This program begins paying back all the clients deposit, then accumulates the deposit for the Managed Bank Guarantee Program.

Step 7:

Managed Bank Guarantee Program

  1. This program begins and generates $500K Deposit = 40M.
  2. Full Non-Recourse Funding Payment is then wired Paymaster.

Step 8:

Paymaster wires Funds to the Client and Brokers/Consultants. The payment may come in up to six tranches, all within the agreed time frame.


Your Protection is our Priority!



NB! All information given above may change without prior notice.

The final terms and conditions are only valid when a valid agreement has been issued and signed by both parties! Always ask for the latest update!

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Fully Fledged Off Shore Bank

We have made an Agreement with a highly reputable private bank offering the following services to our clients:

  • Individual Bank Accounts
  • Corporate Bank Accounts
  • Merchant Bank Accounts
  • Online Banking
  • Debit Cards
  • Master Card

How to start the Process?

Complete our EC CIS - for opening a Bank Account 2017 and return it to us. We will answer with our EC NSNC NDA. With that in place you will receive our EC Service Agreement for Opening a Bank Account, detailing and repeating the terms discussed and as presented in the The EC 3 STEP Program for opening Bank Account 2017. To get the pre-approval of account opening you do not require personal presence, scanned copies of KYC set of documents are sent via e-mail.

Time- Frame

    Account opening procedure takes 2-5 business days. Premium account opening takes 2 business days.

EC Trading Programs

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Our Blocked Funds Service offers trading at very high LTV values with great weekly or monthly returns. Money always remain in clients own bank account with full control.

When needed we assist with establishing Trading Accounts (MT4) and Platform access for our clients. Several providers available.

We also have direct access to Tier One Trading Platforms and Managed Bank Guarantee Programs with full deposit protection programs and high returns.

Our "Inside The Bank Program" is our Flag ship, offering transparency, high and steady returns with monthly payouts or a compound solution. We assist you and help you set up your own bank account in a top ranking bank in London, from where the trading is done.

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