Our Projects

Here at EC we are taking on new clients all the time. Depending on the need we try to accommodate the client to the programs most convenient for him.

For some clients it is necessary to assist in making Executive Summaries, Business Plans, Presentations  and other relevant information  to attract funders. Others come to us with a complete package, something we would describe as a  “Shovel Ready” project.

And again for some companies we will go in and produce the full package.

We have a number of different solutions, please see  information of the different programs.

All accepted projects are listed on their separate page.  In order for a client to become accepted, he has to provided us with our EC CIS –  For General Funding Requests 2017, sign our EC NSNC NDA and finally the EC Funding & Service Agreement.

If you are interested and want to apply for funding just write to info@economic-consultants.com  or go to the Contact US Page to find the EC Associate  closest to you.

We are represented in most major financial centres in the world.

 Current Projects

Below you have shortcuts to all our current projects where we have agreed to a funding deal.

Name                                                                       Capital           Currency

  • Walgreen Investments Ltd                                              17,000,000         USD
  • MyKinLink Ltd                                                                      3,250,000         EURO
  • Jasa Real Estate AB                                                         105,000,000         USD
  • Larkfleet Ltd                                                                    100,000,000          GBP
  • ASN Cement Ltd                                                              480,000,000         USD
  • Antigua Barbuda Sports Village                               1.200,000,000          USD
  • Wildstate South Africa                                                  100,000,000          USD

If you are interested to know more do not hesitate to get in touch!


We offer monetisation for most top-rated banks and some unrated smaller banks. LTV normally 80%. Standard B to B procedure. Fast processing! For more information see the Non-recourse Monetisation page!

EC Trading Programs

We offer a range of Private Placement Programs (PPP). Our providers are all licensed. Money always remain in clients own bank account with full control. We have programs starting at 400K with great returns.

We can Tailor Programs for clients with assets above 1B.

We have direct access to Tier One Trading Platforms and top returns already from a 1M investment.
For more information go to Investments, Trading Platforms above or Contacts and complete the form under Contact Us, or contact one of our partners. You can find contact details for all of us under the Contact page! Alternatively write to info@economic-consultants.com.

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