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Title: Introducer

Skype:             graham.filleul1
Phone:           +44 (0) 7785  238438

Graham started his career in Sales & Marketing with Bowater-Scott and McCann Erickson Advertising where he developed an enviable reputation with major national branded products and clients. He was an early industry award winner and influential in building up Mando Marketing business, enabling it to be sold for a substantial sum to the WPP Group Plc.

Graham’s extensive experience in his field which includes communications and direct marketing together with his entrepreneurial flair led him to form his own company, Marketing Reflex Ltd, in 1988. Later he notably identified and led an opportunity to provide the highly successful Benetton brand with a UK mail order operation; this also involved the raising of finance for such. He was the Chairman of Nota Bene Plc from 1995-96.

Graham utilises his range of strategic and management skills where innovation and change are demanded to create new revenue and growth opportunities. Graham worked as an associate for GA Associates the corporate finance boutique until January 2001.

He is Managing Director of Marketing Reflex Ltd and a Partner at Reflex Capital LLP.

Reflex Capital has partnership at the core of its business philosophy and culture, both in the management of its own business and in building relationships with clients and trading partners.

Graham understands that sustainable solutions come from the right combination of capital, technology, know-how and commercial application, to deliver a high quality result for our business and trading partners from any opportunity.

Both Reflex and EC’s culture is based on client confidentiality, professionalism and innovation. We together always seek to deliver the best results for our clients and trading partners, and operate a code of conduct that respects all those with whom we do business and seeks to protect our mutual business interests against risks of disclosure, circumvention and corrupt practice. Reflex and EC will always endeavour to manage risks in a manner that enhances rather than hinders business opportunities.

Reflex Capital utilises extensive senior-level business, advisory and government networks to maintain its effectiveness in competitive markets, combined with the expertise and abilities of its own people.

Collaborating with EC provides a strong platform on which to build commercial solutions that deliver sustainable advantage for our clients and trading partners.

Reflex Capital specialises in four segments of the global economy:

  •  International broking and transportation of raw materials and commodities; including transport logistics and supply of metals, chemicals, sugar and other foodstuffs, oil and energy products.
  • Sustainable infrastructure and capital intensive projects; including structured finance for acquisition and construction of complex processing of waste to energy, waste to chemicals/fertilisers, pure water supplies and refineries.
  • Real estate development and investment; including sustainable housing, construction technologies, energy efficient buildings and luxury developments.
  • Private equity funding for companies involved in the development of environmental technologies and media entertainment, renewable energy, biomass, internet trading and fund management

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