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USA, Austin




 Title:  Introducer

Skype:           mtraweek
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FM Traweek

FM Traweek

Mr. Traweek’s  career spans over 30+ years, much of which was spent in the oil & gas industry gaining knowledge in a wide range of sectors within the industry. While attending college, Mr. Traweek spent summers working in a Houston refinery that was originally built by his grandfather, Roger Q. Traweek, and where his father, Fred. M. Traweek, later served as EVP of Crude Oil Supply. Later experiences in the oil industry built upon this foundation by mastering technical aspects including ASTM certification of crude oil & refined products with Chas Martin Inspectors of Petroleum, conducting research on drilling fluids with Dresser Magcobar, and by performing organic chemical synthesis research with Shell Development Company.

His career entered a new period when he joined TEC/The Energy Co., Houston, and Trako Energy Corp, Hamilton, Bermuda.  Here he utilized his broad expertise in the industry to perform business development activities by working on both domestic US and international upstream and midstream oil & gas projects including:

  • Performing crude oil economic analysis and transportation logistics for a 15,000 BPD processing contract;
  • Conceiving, planning, and selling a crude oil refinery project in the US to bring a shut-down refinery back into operation;
  • Participating with a US Fortune 100 energy corporation and an Asian chemical company to plan a methanol plant using natural gas;
  • Managing domestic drilling programs as a General Partner;
  • Participating in the sale and start-up of a specialty asphalt refinery in Texas;
  • Performed economic evaluations of crude oil supply and netback for trading operations.

In addition, Mr. Traweek has worked with investors to utilize trade programs to maximize returns on their capital up to and including USD$100MM.  He has sold drilling programs to accredited investors taking direct ownership in the wells across Texas.

Personal interests include working with Veterans as described in his website The Cost of Freedom ( ), planning, participating, and performing music for numerous retreats associated with his church over a 15 year period, and supporting a non-profit called Career Transition Institute serving as President and Board Member.

Mr. Traweek earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Chemistry from the University of Houston.  He continued his education by completing additional training including a Dale Carnegie Management course, Technical Sales course with RGF Environmental, and other specialized training courses in sales & management.

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