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Title:  Introducer

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Emmanuel Igbinoba

Emmanuel Igbinoba

Mr. Emmanuel Igbinoba, Phd was born  in Warri City, Delta State, Nigeria.

He has a PhD, in Economics from the University of Rome-Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy. September 2011-December 2014, THESIS – Essays on Growth and Sustainable Development in Sub-Saharan Africa. He holds a Master of Science, in Economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai, China and a Bachelor of Science, from Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria in 2003.

Emmanuel has had hands-on experience with different institutions and private firms in Nigeria, China, Italy and Germany and can effectively handle both qualitative and quantitative assignments in monitoring and evaluation (M&E), business development and research documentation.

Emmanuel is a seasoned researcher with attention to detail. He has handled research assignments right from proposal generation through to data collection, analysis, reporting, as well as presenting the findings.  He is currently engaged in research on China-Africa economic relations, and its impact on African economic growth at the Centre for Chinese Studies (CCS), Stellenbosch University, South Africa, as well as a Swiss government funded study on trade in Africa.

The Centre for Chinese Studies (CCS), at Stellenbosch University, serves as the most prominent and high quality point of reference for the study of China and East Asia on the African continent.  The Centre conducts relevant commissioned analysis of China-related research for government, business, academia and NGO communities. He focuses on Analysing trade, investment and aid relations between China and Africa, on a continent wide basis.

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