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Phone: +91 9793 54 6246

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Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar

Mr. Anil Kumar Upadhyaya (54) is based in Lucknow-India. He graduated from University of Allahabad in 1980 and started working as freelance economic consultant with German consulting firm Hager International GmbH for their German clients in India.

Main tasks to make joint ventures, technology transfer, market trends analysis and funding for their Indian companies.

He is also working with various other German consultants in India to help their German clients. As India is the biggest emerging market in Asia after China they are looking for more and more Foreign Direct Investment in India.

He is also giving advice on foreign direct investment in India for foreign companies as India is a major potential market for FDI investors and best choice for foreign companies after China in Asia.

He is covering sectors like real estate, smart cities, clean energy, automobile, metro rail, railways, defence, chemical, hotel and resort, shipping, logistics, waste water management and solid waste management projects in India.

Helping clients looking for expansion in to the Indian market, market study, market analysis, market trends, connecting with Indian companies for JVs, technology transfer and trade partners in India.

Mr. Anil has been to Sri Lanka, Nepal and Thailand and focuses on Asia, covering South Asia. South-East Asia means ASEAN countries who have done free trade agreements with India. Allowing foreign companies to export to India and imports from India may give tax benefits also doing business with India and ASEAN countries.

His main focus is India, South Asia and South-East Asia. Organising business meetings for their clients in India or overseas depending upon clients’ request.

Fair Trade participation is also important for him and he attends business summits in India on behalf of clients and on request may provide background information after the summit is over.

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