Economic Consultants
EC was established by Mr. Lars Johan Myrtroen in 1990 in Oslo, Norway and moved to London, UK in 1996  providing Management Services and Funding to companies – complementing In-house Expertise.

Official details
Economic Consultants Ltd, UK reg. no.  10830675.
Registered Office at; Co/ LEXeFISCAL 2nd Floor, Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BD, UK.
UK Office Phone +44 (0)20  8133 9055.
Professional Indemnity Insurance, Policy Number BD63579-022016 at Markel (UK) Ltd.

“We intend to provide our customers with the best funding and investment offers available at any-time and anywhere in the world. With on-line guidance, with a smart, searchable website, easy-to-follow instructions, and one of our Partners close to you for fast, quality delivery of our services.”

“Our mission  is to provide each of our clients with the most effective ethical representation possible, in negotiating viable funding and investment solutions!”

Our Specialities
We specialize in  Business Advice, Funding , Fund Management, Investments, Commodities and Trading Platforms. We have been in involved in a number of very successful Start-ups in different industries and countries over a number of years.

We provide Bank Instruments as well as offer Monetizing to clients.

On our web site you will find comprehensive information in all of the sectors we are involved including a number of helpful Templates guiding you in the right direction when writing business plans, press releases etc.

Our Funding Program enables clients to seek  funding from US$ 5 million and upwards.

We are presently in place with official EC Associates in;

  • UK with an office in London
  • France with an office in Paris
  • Spain with an office in Madrid
  • Poland with an office in Warsaw
  • Norway with offices in Oslo & Tønsberg
  • Saudi Arabia with an office in Riyadh
  • India with offices in New Delhi and Mumbai
  • Korea with an office in Seoul
  • Canada with offices in Toronto and Calgary
  • USA with offices in New York,  Atlanta, Washington DC and Austin
  • Uganda with an office in Kampala
  • Tanzania with an office Dar es Salam
  • Mexico with an office in Mexico City
  • Macedonia, with an office in Skopje
  • Australia with an office in Brisbane
  • Bangladesh with an office in Dhaka
  • South Africa with an office in Stellenbosch
For more information please go to the Contact us page!

Besides that we have people working for us as Agents, Introducers and Partners in several countries.

We are always seeking for new Associates. It is up to you what kind of relationship you want to build. We have a generous profit share program and support our professionals in their efforts. If interested  –  do contact us!

Our extensive range of contacts and consultants reaches out to all corners of the world enabling us to develop links and partnerships that will assist in meeting goals and suggesting new areas to promote growth. Make sure you follow our News Letter and take part in our exiting development! 
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EC Trading Programs

The EC Secure Trading Platform is a well established vehicle returning solid profits year after year (60 to 120%). Minimum investment amount 100K€/$/£. Profits paid out each month if wanted and one month notice only.

Money always remain in clients MT4 Trading Account or we arrange a Blocked Service.
We assist with establishing Trading Accounts (MT4) and Platform access for our clients. Several providers available.

We also have direct access to Tier One Trading Platforms and Managed Bank Guarantee Programs with full deposit protection programs and high returns.

Our Small Cap Program starts with an entry level of 35K and delivers 50% per month paid out every 60 days.

For more information go to Investments, Trading Platforms above or Contacts and complete the form under Contact Us, or contact one of our partners. You can find contact details for all of us under the Contact page! Alternatively write to info@economic-consultants.com.

Become an EC Associate?

Lars J Myrtroen

We have presence in several countries all over the world. However, we are experiencing a big demand for our services and are looking for new Associates. We have three categories; Partners, Introducers and Agents, all based on education and experience. We need highly qualified people like Lawyers and Accountants with the right education and background from the financing and funding industry. We are currently looking for people in the US, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK Switzerland plus major cities in the Far East. For more information go to the EC Associates page. If interested, please contact us to discuss the opportunity!