Economic Consultants

Economic Consultants


Provides Services to Companies complementing In-house Expertise!

Our extensive range of contacts and consultants enable us to develop links and partnerships that will assist in meeting goals and suggesting new areas to promote growth. Our specialist expertise in the financial development of companies will create an infrastructure for success. In our pages you will find definitions and explanations and access to Free Templates. A number of descriptions and comments on different issues and information about projects we are doing  including Investment and Trading opportunities!

We have people placed in major cities all over the world – go to the Contact page and find the person closest to you! To see our Complete List of what we do just go to EC Services!

 The EC 3Steps Programs

We have developed a model for how to approach all our products. If you are looking for Traditional Funding, planning a Merger & Acquisition or need a Bank Instrument, access to a Trading Platform or having a Due Diligence performed, the basic method will be the same.

For each product you will find a Brochure, The EC 3 Step Program explaining the product enabling you to better understand what we have on offer, time and costs involved.

3Step ProgramIf you decide to go on and move forward after having read the information you download the respective EC CIS (company information Sheet). Complete the form and return to us. If you are uncertain how to choose you may of course always send us a message or give us a ring.

We will respond  by returning our EC NS NC NDA (Non-Solicitation, Non-Circumvention, Non-Disclosure Agreement) for you to complete and return to us. This is all part of our KYC process and will enable both Parties to exchange sensitive and confidential information and will lead to you having an offer in the form of the EC Service Agreement. The offer is always accompanied by a PPP – the EC Project Progress Plan binding you and us  to a time frame taking us to agreed target.

Non-Recourse Project Funding

We offer several Non-Recourse Funding Programs. The Programs can be used for all sorts of projects in most parts of the world. If you want to raise more than 250M$/€ we can run the program as many times as necessary to reach your funding target. And if you did not already know; Non – Recourse means that you are not paying anything back, it’s all taken care of in the program.

Some samples;
Project Amount  3 M $/€,
Your refundable cost 250,000 €/$.

Project Amount  15 M $/€,
Your refundable cost 350,000 €/$.

Project Amount  40 M $/€
Your refundable cost 500,000 $/€.

Project Amount  120 M $/€,
Your refundable cost 1,500,000 €/$.

This is a very fast solution and requires no collateral or equity stakes from the funder. If interested complete the EC CIS for Bank Instruments and return it to us.

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EC Trading Programs

The EC Secure Trading Platform is a well established vehicle returning solid profits year after year (60 to 120%). Minimum investment amount 100K€/$/£. Profits paid out each month if wanted and one month notice only.

Money always remain in clients own bank account as a Blocked Service.
We assist with establishing Trading Accounts (MT4) and Platform access for our clients. Several providers available.

We also have direct access to Tier One Trading Platforms and Managed Bank Guarantee Programs with full deposit protection programs and high returns.

Our Small Cap Program starts with an entry level of 50K and delivers 200% every 90 days.

For more information go to Investments, Trading Platforms above or Contacts and complete the form under Contact Us, or contact one of our partners. You can find contact details for all of us under the Contact page! Alternatively write to

Become an EC Associate?

Lars J Myrtroen

We have presence in several countries all over the world. However, we are experiencing a big demand for our services and are looking for new Associates. We have three categories; Partners, Introducers and Agents, all based on education and experience. We need highly qualified people like Lawyers and Accountants with the right education and background from the financing and funding industry. We are currently looking for people in the US, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK Switzerland plus major cities in the Far East. For more information go to the EC Associates page. If interested, please contact us to discuss the opportunity!